Question 17

Trying to answer all 75 writing prompts from Ness Labs.

What movies or documentaries should everyone watch?

What a tough one! I am a person that is very much against media consumption, I like to limit it quite a bit. Everything below, as always, is a personal opinion.

I had a look through the notes I had taken from the last few months (skim-reading them and using the find function wherever they were digital). I found that I write very little about the media I consume, likely because of the guilt I feel whenever I indulge in a show. Something to change!

In that silent, empty void of information a few things stood out, things I have watched and truly felt happy with. The most recent being: JoJo Rabbit.

JoJo Rabbit is a phenomenal experience, watching it is satisfying and strange. I felt the movie played with my emotions incredibly well, between hard-hitting sadness and well-polished jokes it kept me well entertained for the duration. Watch it, seriously.

Since the question regards both movies or documentaries, I feel that I must include a documentary. It will come to no surprise for the people that know me that I will recommend something nature-based: Planet Earth.

Either one you watch will be fine, both the 2006 and 2016 versions are excellent. The one thing I must ask you to do is watch it and engage with what you are seeing. Engage with the beauty and ferociousness of the planet. Think about how you fit into this vast, beautiful world we call home and how everything is happening all at once. Be sure to grab a high definition screenshot of some nice birds for your wallpaper too, of course.

Keeping it short and sweet. I want to write more long-form but for that I believe I need to be more prepared. Perhaps the next question will be something I have a bit more to say on.