Mariusz Z.

14 June 2024

This week I...

A terrible heat wave is slowly passing, which is really welcome as working efficiently in 45°C weather, and no air conditioning, is really difficult. Now we’re back to sub 40°C which might not seem like much but is a great deal more manageable. La Niña cannot come soon enough, I hope it cools us down enough.


I started to wrap my head around columnar storage formats, like Apache Parquet. I also caught up on everything related to Typescript’s 5.5 release candidate. Finally I started to toy around with using Go as a go to back-end solution.


I started reading A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel, in an effort to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance and investing.


I spent a long time reading, understanding, and discussing the articles surrounding the introduction of Starlink-supported internet to the remote tribes in the Brazilian Amazon. New York Times article. Misinformation surrounding the tribes’ habits aside, it underlined to me the importance of building software that can accommodate people from around the world.

I read about Italian vie fittizie, “fake” streets created to manage nomadic workers’ rights to healthcare and government help. They are now commonly used to help homeless people access support services. If you want a task for yourself, create an English wikipedia article for these.