Efficiency does equate to minimalism

I think websites are a form of art, and in the same way as when I paint with watercolours I strive not to waste all of my paint in one go, I want to be efficient with the data I present to the user.

There seems to be a correlation between what we think of as efficient and what we see as minimal.

My opinions are based on mostly anecdotal evidence, I am going off of what I saw and heard through my years on the internet and as a developer. Take them with more than a pinch of salt. 1 To put my thoughts on the matter plainly, I dislike minimalism for the sake of minimalism. Modern web design is flawed in many, many ways but there are also many things we can learn from it. A good few "small web" enthusiasts seem to take the road that everything we have done since the dawn of the 2000s is to be ignored.

This website itself is an ongoing experiment where I try to find a key balance between user experience, programming efficiency, and art.

As of writing this article the landing page of the website is around 2KB, it used to be below that and I want to try and keep it within the 5KB range in the near future. I'm quite proud of this, while the website currently can be seen as quite minimal I hope to add more and more flare to it as I go. Taking care that it adds to the experience, rather than deteriorates it.