Q2: Do you believe in ghosts...

Do you believe in ghosts or evil spirits? Would you be willing to spend a night alone in a remote house that is supposedly haunted?

That's two questions for the price of one!

I believe there are forces that are beyond our understanding, I think it helps me ground myself whenever I heard of "unexplained" events. Like if someone tells you that they walked out of their shower last night and could have sworn they saw their late grandparents in the mirror. Were they a ghost, an apparition, their mind playing tricks on them? I don't think we'll be sure of the answer any time soon, not nearly within my lifetime at least.

So if that's the case, do I believe in ghosts? I think I do, I believe in them as much as I believe in insects communicating. If someone from the future (with modest proof to back it up) came up to me and said "Hey, did you know that fruit flies have quite a deep social life?", I'd be keen to believe them and not very surprised either, in the same vein if someone told me "Hey, did you know that ghosts are real?" I wouldn't be very surprised!

The world has so much in store, is it really that hard to believe that some sort of spirit could be zooming around your house?

Now for the second question: as always it is an "it depends" scenario, but I'll try my best.

I would be happy to spend a night in a remote house that is supposedly haunted under a few conditions: I'd like to be aware of my surroundings, bring some of my things along, potentially have some company.

Being aware of my surroundings is incredibly important, it's a remote place and honestly as much as ghosts don't scare me emergencies and injuries do. I want to know who, where, and how I can call for help. I would want some of my belongings because I imagine I would like to read quite a bit there. Company would be nice just to share the creepy experience, though that is not necessary.

Needless to say I think if the house was dilapidated, cold, creaky, and all sorts of miserable adjectives I'd likely pass :)

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