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Inspirational people

A good friend of mine recently shared a list of people he finds inspirational, I was then inspired by said list to make my own and try to keep it up-to-date.

I want to dedicate a section to each of them, perhaps as an internal conversation as to why I find them inspiring. (I know the list is small, give me some time!)

Boyan Slat

Boyan Slat is a name that I want to see mentioned in my circles more often, the story goes that aged 16 Boyan was diving in Greece (very fancy) but came across more plastic than fish there, fast-forward until now, and he has devoted himself almost wholly into trying to clean up the oceans across the world.

As far as inspiration is concerned, every time I read about his endeavours I hope to be half as driven as he is.

Alan Watts

I learned about Alan Watts while sleeping on a roughly put together bed made of two pallets, an uncle of a friend played one of his "lectures" and I was entranced by the determined voice of Alan Watts.

While I may not agree with everything Alan Watts says and his personal life has seen more than it's share of troubles (most seemingly caused by him), I do think his speeches give me a form of inspiration.

"You're it" is a great speech by him, very short too, which I'd highly recommend to anyone.

Beau Miles

It is quite hard to specifcy "what" Beau Miles is. Film-maker, speaker, general "do-er". Beau's youtube films/stories inspire me to want to do all the random little things my brain comes up with.

Hike that mountain, explore that hobby, arbitrarily challenge yourself.

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