Falling in love with cars

I never really was a "car person", I understood the aesthetic pleasnatries around cars but never really connected with them. This all changed when I started to discover videos online talking about the topic of "van-life" around two years ago. I was very quickly engrossed in the world of refurbishing vans into small mobile homes and was keenly researching the first vehicle I'd like to own.

While taking driving lessons I stumbled upon a really good deal for a 2003 Subaru Forester, it's my first car and I love it.

I want to walk through why I changed my mind on cars and why I think a sense of ownership is so important in life (to me).

Why a car?

Before I get started, I want to stress that most of what I will say doesn't apply exlusively to cars. That is the whole point of this, my frustration is I cannot apply what I am about to say to every object I own but I digress.


I have been diving deep into understanding some fundemental things about my car:

The beautiful part of these three questions is that answers to all three are readibly available online and in the manual that comes with the car.

Think about it, you bought a car and within a day or two of reading you can more or less understand, in principle, the way the entire thing works and how you can keep it running smoothly yourself.

It's an interesting experience in a world of locked down hardware, subscription based software, and intanginble goods.

In a world where true ownership of the things you use every day is rare, a nearly 20 year old car is a blessing.


The "car community" (there is one for most every make/model of car out there) is simply put incredible. So many people are willing to spend their free time helping you fix or troubleshoot your car.

While hostility exists, as it does in almost every community out there, it is a very small portion of my experience with it and the vast majority of people are incredibly helpful and insightful.

It's interesting to see the same values that power the "small web" are deeply ingrained in the veins of any car enthusiast.


This is more of a draft post, I wanted to throw my thoughts out there because I want to see if my opinion changes in the future.